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Road To Desire

Mathew had a fantasy about submitting to his wife Samantha; to be her adoring and worshipful slave, doing her bidding, suffering her torments and pleasures. What will happen when this hunky construction worker gets his wish, where he is forced to his knees and used as a sex toy? It's a kinky affair when a loving couple starts down the Road to Desire.

Flames of Desire

Kyle Woods was all man, a hunky firefighter who had a secret need to submit, if only the right woman would come into his life. When Julie, an older, divorced and curvaceous Nanny brings her young charges to the fire station on a school visit, the spark is ignited and the attraction begins to smolder. What happens next surprises both of them, and fans the Flames of Desire.

A Case of Desire

A chance meeting. A ruined shirt. Lucas a lawyer, working so many long hours. Would he lose his new Master because of his work? Could his Master keep loving him?

Playing with Desire

Kane hired Carter, and it was love at first site for both men. It was also the beginning of Carter being Kane's Master. When Kane goes overseas on business, will Carter punish him for not keeping in touch for three weeks?

Owning the Desire

Elliott and his beautiful wife, Laney were in a rut. The spark had gone from their marraige, replaced with work and the humdrum routine of everyday life. When Laney opens the boxes of 'toys' that Elliott ordered, and checks his browser history on the computer, she finds the key to adding some spice back to their love life. Withthe assistance of local Domme Aunt Mavis, Laney becomes the dominant vixen Elliott always fantasied about. Both Elliott and Laney find what they need and end up Owning the Desire.

A Wicked Desire

Wade Adams wanted to correct his mistake of 25 years ago, letting the love of his life slip away. He was back and Jaylynn looked beautiful to him as ever. But she changed; she took control of her life, joined a BDSM group and became a Domme. Could she fall in love again? Would he submit to...her? For both, a love long past now became...A Wicked Desire.

Warning: If you like hot male submission with your romance this series is for you. If you like Aunt Mavis who is old and feisty  I like you a lot. Aunt Mavis will be getting two short stories with her sister in the future. Her sister Allison is in Love Unexpected.

February 7
Jodi Olson
Draft2Digital, LLC

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