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Many people desire to quit their job, few actually do.

You don’t have to wait until you are 68 years old to quit working a job. Why not retire when you are 58, 48, or even 38 years old?

In the book Successfully Unemployed, Dustin Heiner shows you the 16 lessons you will need to learn before you can escape the rat race. Dustin quit his job when he was 37 years old and has never looked back.

The lessons in this book are compiled from the stories of many entrepreneurs who have done just what you desire to do. They no longer have a boss to answer to, no longer clock-in and clock-out from a job, and are living the dream life.

Whether you want to travel the world, ski in the Alps, relax on a sandy beach, or no longer have a boss, this book will help you with your lifestyle design for your future having financial freedom.

Before you quit your job, you MUST learn and apply these 16 lessons to your life. With a good plan, map, and motivation, you will be able to quit your job when others only dream about it.

In this book, you will learn the step-by-step lessons that will help you never work another job again.

- How Dustin Heiner used passive income to quit his job at age 37

- How to be the richest person in the world

- How to grow your income even after you quit

- How to problem solve your way through anything that comes up

- How entrepreneurs are successful in business and life

- What to do with your banked “Vacation Time” from your job

- What to do about your health insurance

- What to do when your boss finds out you are going to quit your job

- How to live on just the income from your entrepreneurial business

- How to plan for emergencies that will come up

And many other invaluable lessons.

Quitting your job successfully is not impossible. By following the path set before you by Dustin Heiner, you can quit your job well before you reach retirement age.

Wantrepreneurs dream about quitting their job. Entrepreneurs actually do it.

Don’t wait a minute longer. Invest in yourself and your future and buy this book today!

Since making the decision to be independent and quit his job, Dustin took just 9 years to accomplish his goal because of his passive income businesses. As a businessman and entrepreneur, he has learned what it takes to build a thriving business that brings in monthly cash flow every month. He has already quit his job and lives the dream every day. He is the founder of Master Passive Income, a company dedicated to helping people achieve financial freedom with passive income.

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