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A hot, funny brother’s best friend rom com . . . with sugar on top! 

She's his best friend's little sister. He's known her all his life. He's practically part of the family. There is nothing either of them could do to surprise the other at this point. Then she showed up in his bedroom in lingerie and asked him to take her V-card.

Okay, that was a surprise.

Aiden is pretty sure Zoe was equally surprised when he told her no. 

To say that he didn't handle it well would be a massive understatement. Almost as massive as the amount of work he's going to have to do now to convince her that he wants her. Forever. 

Right after he tells her that he's bought the company that's her bakery’s biggest competitor. 

Maybe if he tells her he’s in love with her first, that will help sugarcoat the whole we're-rivals-in-business-now thing. 

So, first "I'm in love with you", then "take off your clothes", then "I'm now your business adversary".

Sure. Piece of cake.

March 24
EN Fiction, Inc.
EN Fiction, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Sandy Sch ,

spicy and sweet

SUGARCOATED is the first instalment in Erin Nicholas’ contemporary, adult HOT CAKES erotic, romance series focusing on the new owners and investors in the Hot Cakes snack company in Appleby, Iowa (Aiden, Dax, Cam, Ollie and Grant). This is independent bakery owner Zoe McCaffery, and billionaire investor Aiden Anderson’s story line.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Aiden and Zoe) SUGARCOATED is a best friend’s little sister story line focusing on the building relationship between independent bakery owner Zoe McCaffery, and billionaire investor Aiden Anderson. Five months earlier on Christmas Eve our heroine, Zoe McCaffery, made an unsuccessful pass at her brother’s best friend and business partner Aiden Anderson, and in the ensuing months Zoe has just barely recovered from her humiliation and embarrassment. Seeing Aiden in her bakery, Buttered Up, brings back too many bad memories of what happened and why but Aiden wants a second chance to make things right including falling in love with his best friend’s little sister. What ensues is the rebuilding friendship, relationship and slow building love between Aiden and Zoe, and the potential fall-out as Aiden keeps secret a business deal that could directly affect Zoe’s bottom line.

Aiden Anderson wants to save his small town of Appleby, Iowa but saving his small town could mean alienating the woman he loves. The family owned Hot Cakes snack company is up for sale but Hot Cakes is in direct competition with Zoe McCaffery’s independently owned Buttered Up. Heading back to Appleby, Aiden knows he must make amends with his best friend’s sister, a woman who stirs something deep within our story line hero. Zoe McCaffery knows she is unable to compete with the Hot Cakes snack company but Zoe’s personal attention to detail makes Buttered Up a favorite of the local crowd. Her attraction to Aiden has never waivered but Zoe is about to make a deal with Aiden, a deal that will bring her up close and personal with the man that she loves.

The relationship between Zoe and Aiden is one of mutual attraction but when Aiden refused Zoe’s advances our heroine struggled in the aftermath of humiliation and heart break. Desperate to lose her virginity, Zoe makes Aiden an offer he cannot refuse. The $ex scenes are passionate and seductive without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text.

We are introduced to Aiden’s business partners: Cam McCaffery, Grant Lorre, Dax Marshall and Oliver Caprinelli; Zoe’s best friends Jocelyn and Jane, as well as her parents Maggie and Steve.

SUGARCOATED is a story of family and friendships, secrets and heart break. The premise is inviting ; the characters are flirty and colorful; the romance is spicy and sweet.

Dawn Goveia ,


I have read all of Erin’ books and am so stoked to read this new series. I just finished “ Sugarcoated “ and it is steaming ‘Hot’ ! Zoe and Aiden’s brothers best friend to lovers story is so captivating and their chemistry is off the chart. I will never be able to look at pink frosting the same way again. They know each other so well but still manage to find new things to discover about each other. Erin once again doesn’t disappoint hot guys and strong independent women with lots off sass. Everything you want in a romance novel. We’ve now met all Aiden’s partners and Zoe’s friends. I’m sure this quirky little town is about to heat up! Can’t wait for the next one.

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