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* Our summary is short, simple and pragmatic. It allows you to have the essential ideas of a big book in less than 30 minutes.

By reading this summary, you will discover the impact of our negative thoughts on our lives, as well as the six practices to adopt in order to nourish and develop self-confidence.

You will also learn that :

self-acceptance and self-control are necessary factors in our evolution;

we are the only ones responsible for our life and our happiness: our choices and their realization are entirely up to us;

it is essential to assert one's personality and one's right to exist, to take one's place in the world, to create one's vital space and not to be afraid to speak or act according to our deepest values;

to find meaning in our life, we must focus it on a goal to be identified and identify the steps to achieve it;

we must show personal integrity to create harmony between what we say and what we do, to be authentic to ourselves and to others.

These days, everything goes too fast. Society asks us to be efficient, productive and self-confident in an ever-changing world, which is often a threat to our inner balance. We then come to doubt ourselves by experiencing feelings of guilt, shame, inadequacy, inferiority. How can we find our place in an environment that is beyond us? You will be able to benefit from the advice of Nathaniel Branden, a renowned psychologist in the United States. In his work, he insists on the importance of self-esteem, willpower and personal choices to lead a life that truly corresponds to us.

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October 29
Shortcut Edition
Remi Alard

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