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Clarity Nice and her contact from the Bellagio resort, Cubandor, a precious metals middleman carrying out various missions for the Cuban Government, fly back to Cuba with Cubandor´s girlfriend Paige Malkem. As they fly over Cuban skies, the control tower of Havana airport forbids the landing of their plane in Cuba, due to several pending investigations in the U.S. involving Cubandor´s Bellagio account.

Cubandor ignores the control tower warning and heads for Cuba in his private fishing boat which picks him up off the coast of a small island in the Bahamas where he lands his learjet. When they all reach the northern island of Cayo Coco in Cuba, a group of revolutionary Cuban security guards working for colonel Swarez da Silva, men known as Marrulleros, arrest Cubandor, Clarity and Paige as counter-revolutionary elements, in the name of a new revolution that their boss is carrying out, one which the colonel hopes, will lead him to power in Cuba.

The ex-assistant of Cubandor, Mista Jack, a money changing dwarf from the British Virgin Islands who now works for the Cuban bureaucracy, informs Cubandor that all of his assets in Cuba, including his cigar plantation and precious metals vault, Fort Ebena, have been frozen. Cubandor is labeled a renegade, a person who has betrayed the principles of the original revolution carried out by Castro, and Swarez sends him and Clarity for a prison known as La Vista, with orders to keep both of them there, until Cubandor signs the sale of his plantation and Fort Ebena to the Cuban government, and until he reveals the location of a mysterious minted gold bar known as Lady Fortuna to Swarez.

Fiction & Literature
September 13
Somers Isle & Loveshade
Smashwords, Inc.

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