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Teleoperator Clarity Nice and her friend ethnographer Flower Parkwood, reach the picturesque village of Miradorcito in the state of Campeche in Mexico. Brought to Campeche in a colorful guagua after a brief vacation in Cancun following the exposure of alcohol traffic in the British Virgin Islands (The Sugar Baby), Clarity works alongside Flower in an archaeological site to make some pocket money, using Flower's 'permiso de arqueologia', an observation and archaeological dig permit granted by Flower's boss, Egyptian egyptologist Akhris Zephairi. Zephairi's Alabastriah Foundation, funded by the Museum of Cairo, and its partner, a shady real estate developement company from Belize, Mangrove Barrier Resorts, are looking for new areas to dig in Miradorcito, and are out to invest a pile of cash.

In agreement with Zephairi, the man behind the strategy to throw out of the village all the inhabitants of Miradorcito, the head of the real estate company, his accomplice Lever Fahibian, makes an offer to the elderly head of the village, Ms. Morales, to buy the land of her ancestors, in order to let Zephairi seek an obscure assortment of Mayan ruins buried under Miradorcito for centuries. Using a local authorization from the governor of Campeche, which grants Zephairi a permit to dig under Miradorcito, the egyptologist razes part of the village, insisting on building on the village site a gambling resort similar to those found in Belize. Backed by Zephairi, Fahibian uses the permit granted to build a Mayan historical village along the gambling resort, that will bring new tourist business to the area. Ms Morales can count on no one except Clarity and a toucan which has been passed on by her ancestors, to save the village from the jaws of Zephairi, who wants ownership of Miradorcito's land as a source of revenue for the Museum of Cairo, and has agreed with local politicians to get the traditional Mexican village relocated to Egypt.

Fiction & Literature
February 20
Somers Isle & Loveshade
Smashwords, Inc.

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