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Mallory Westbrook is ready to make her move on Jake Summerford, the boy – now man – she's been crushing on for years. Coming back to Magnolia Sound to celebrate her great-grandfather's birthday provides the perfect opportunity to show Jake that she's no longer a child.The last thing Jake expected to do at his mentor's birthday party was to find himself kissing Mallory under the moonlight. Though he's known her for years, the thought of kissing her never crossed his mind. But the shy tomboy he once knew is gone, and in her place is a woman he can't resist.They have one summer before they go their separate ways. Insecurity wars with the possibility of a future together, but it could all come to an end before it even has a chance to start.

**This book is the pre-quel to the Magnolia Sound series**

February 26
Samantha Chase
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Sandy Sch ,

Engaging and animated

SUNKISSED DAYS is the prequel novella in Samantha Chase’s contemporary, adult MAGNOLIA SOUND romance series. This is twenty-four year old construction worker Jake Summerford, and twenty year old college student Mallory Westbrook’s story line.

NOTE: SUNKISSED DAYS was originally released as a newsletter serial

Told from dual third person perspectives (Mallory and Jake) SUNKISSED DAYS takes the reader back in time, six years earlier, where we are privy to the summer time relationship between twenty-four year old construction worker Jake Summerford, and twenty year old college student Mallory Westbrook. Home for the summer in Magnolia Grove, to celebrate her great-grandfather’s ninetieth birthday, Mallory comes face to face with Jake Summerford, four years her senior, and the young man on whom she has crushed for most of her life. Taking the first steps towards getting the man that she wants, Mallory makes the first move in what would prove to be a summer fling that will end in misunderstanding and broken hearts. What ensues is the quick building romance and relationship between Jake and Mallory, and the fall-out as their time together comes to an end as each heads in a different direction towards personal and professional goals.

SUNKISSED DAYS is a story of family, friendship, romance and love; struggle and acceptance, pride and heart. Samantha Chase pulls the reader into a passionate and emotional story of first love, broken hearts and painful good byes. The premise is engaging; the romance is sweet and sensitive; the characters are animated. SUNKISSED DAYS ends on a cliff hanger -you have been warned,

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