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What's a girl determined to get rid of her reputation as being pure as driven snow to do? Find a prince of a guy to help her out, of course.

Bianca White was sick and tired of being as sweet as sugar and pure as snow.  What she wanted was a hot, wild affair with a guy who could make her forget all her inhibitions.  And she found the perfect candidate in visiting hottie, Jacob Carlisle.  Now she just has to figure out how to seduce him.

After an eight-year search, attorney Jacob Carlisle is sure he’s found the runaway heir to the White fortune.  As soon as he confirms her identity, he’s determined to bring Bianca White back to Chicago to face her greedy stepmother.  He just has to ignore his overwhelming attraction for her and keep his hands off her sexy little body.

Can Bianca and Jacob both get what they want?

All it’ll take is a little magic.

December 29
Tawny Weber
Tawny Weber

Customer Reviews

EmmyDee ,

Brilliant ! Absolutely brilliant !!! A saucy, sassy, sexy, magical Snow White retelling.

If you like romance, sexy reads, fairy tales, Snow White, Tawny Weber, whatever, you don’t want to miss this book. I picked up this novella a few days ago, and this morning a languishing cold woke me up too early on my day off, and I decided it would be a nice little book to start off the day and wake up slowly. With a smile on my face, right from the beginning, cold forgotten; I knew I was going to enjoy myself. Well. I finished the whole thing in one sitting – I don’t even remember when was the last time I did this ! I only got up once to get more coffee, ereader in hand. Bianca White ran away from home when she was sixteen to get far away from her nasty stepmother. Now living as Bianca Snow, she’s a shy young woman, albeit wanting excitement, love and sex in her life. She works for Cottage Caretakers, a home reno company of 7 petite women (wink !) who took her in 8 years before, and all are best friends. While at the Karma Café, she spots a very handsome guy – Jacob Carlisle, a lawyer – who happens to be looking for Bianca White for the White estate; Bianca should inherit, but... It started off so well, I just settled down and decided to read until there was a lull in the story. Well, that lull happened after I had finished the book ! It’s under 100 pages, and be prepared to go for the distance because it is impossible to put down. There are quite a few fairy tale retellings around, but this is the best by far I have ever read. Joy, happiness on your ereader; an absolute delight, definitely not to be missed. Seriously.

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