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The winds of change are blowing, and even Hermes must choose a side…

The Messenger of the Gods has been a neutral party in the war between the immortal Olympian gods for centuries. Zeus and his brothers on one side; Hera and her sisters on the other… there will be no peace between them while jealousy festers and anger and resentment keep their hold on the hearts of the gods. Hermes has seen it all, and listened, while both parties have ranted and raved about their mistreatment at the hands of the other. But when will it be his turn?

The nursery at Olympus has been filling with noise and laughter, but while Hermes' uncles seek their own perfect match, he wallows in denial that the prophecy was even meant for him. How can he truly stay neutral in this war when his heart is pledged to the mortal who would bear his children? It's not fate he's avoiding, it's the knowledge that everything he is will be compromised. It would only take one moment of weakness, and every alliance that he has worked so hard to build will be shattered.

Noah isn't a one-night-stand kind of guy, but when it comes to Lukas, he's made a month's worth of exceptions. A triathlete in the depths of competition training, Noah doesn't have time for much more, but there's something about Lukas that makes him want more than what's currently on offer… and frankly, he's tired of waking up alone. All it takes is one moment of strength, one step towards what he wants, and everything will change forever, but Noah has no idea what kind of change is coming, or what it will mean for his future.

Swift Wings is book 4 in the New Olympians series. 37,000 words, with a HEA featuring a fiercely independent omega and a flighty alpha-god to claim him.

Book 1 ~ Lightning Strikes (ZEUS)
Book 2 ~ Rip Tide (POSEIDON)
Book 3 ~ By the Book (HADES)
Book 4 ~ Swift Wings (HERMES)
Book 5 ~ Marble Heart (ARES)
FREEBIE ~ Immortal's Wish (Holiday novella)
Book 6 ~ Eternal Fire (HEPHAESTUS)

October 30
FireHive Media
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