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Includes World War One In The Desert Illustration Pack- 115 photos/illustrations and 19 maps spanning the Desert campaigns 1914-1918.
This monograph analyzes T.E. Lawrence as a military theorist and campaign planner. It investigates whether Lawrence’s development of his own theory of war assisted him in planning the Arab campaign during World War I. The monograph focuses in four areas. The first section discusses the historical background of Lawrence and the Arab revolt. This section establishes the basis for Lawrence’s understanding of war and of the theater of operations. In addition, it identifies the aims of the Arab revolt and why Arab actions were important to the Allied cause. The second section focuses on Lawrence’s theory of war. This section explains his theory and how he developed it. The third section deals with how Lawrence’s theory addressed the Arab’s ends (desired end state for the war), means (use of the resources available), and ways (the method for employing the means to attain the ends). In a fourth and concluding section. The monograph proposes that T. E. Lawrence’s development of a theory of war did assist him in planning the Arab campaign during World War I. Lawrence’s theory of war accomplished two functions. First. it clarified the past, what had happened in the Arab revolt to that point. Secondly, it helped Lawrence anticipate the future. A future that came to fruition because of Lawrence’s ability to transcend his role as a theorist. Using his theory as a basis, Lawrence carried his rational approach to war into the development of an operational concept, the "war of detachment" and a fighting doctrine to fulfill it. With these means in hand, Lawrence devised a way to employ them. Logically, the way Lawrence devised was a campaign plan designed in accordance with his theory.

August 15
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