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An opposites attract rockstar duet from USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde...

Grant: Manwhore. Adrenaline junkie. Lead singer of ContraBand.

What you see is what you get. I make no apologies for my actions, and by now no one expects any from me. I live my life the way I want and as long as it pushes the demons back, then I'm solid. I've never needed a chick for more than a good lay. Why would I need just one when I can have a different one every night?

Until she walks into my world.

Aribel: Mouthy. Perfectionist. Princeton student. Chemistry major.

Yes, that pretty much describes me. Oh, and virgin. But I have more important things to concern myself with. What really matters is finishing my degree and getting a good job. I’ve worked hard for what I want, and do what’s expected of me. I don’t need anyone to get in my way.

Until he opens up my world.

But if I give you my world, whatever you do…don’t take me for granted.

April 29
K.A. Linde Inc
Kyla Linde

Customer Reviews

Too.good.not.to.read! ,

So good! 💕

Yes it's a weird kind of starting but I loved it I couldn't stop reading it. I can't wait to read the second book! I recommend this book

Bbull4 ,

Loved it!

Great book and a fun read!

O>O ,


Speechless. Fifty pages in and can't believe how disgusting this book is. I gave it a star for the writing but the book itself, smh. The first chapter starts off with a character who is a total @$$hole but you know he will get together with the girl in the end; because she will either change him or he will wear her down. The girl is annoying and has poor taste in friends. Especially because her "friends" were more shocked that she didn't sleep with someone over the fact that that same persons bandmate just put a date rape drug in her beer. Then the book turns with the lead guy stalking the lead girl to go out with him by following her to class. I didn't get any further than that because I refuse to read a book that promotes these types of relationships and rape-culture.

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