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Welcome to the Walled Garden This story is about a group of friends, a Walled Garden, and sharing the ups and downs and ins and outs of growing fruit, veg and flowers. It goes without saying (but here I am, saying it anyway), that we are all different – and thank goodness for that. Our story is based on fact, but there are one or two extra characters who aren’t actually with us, and there are others who may very well appear to be with us but they are away in a world of their own. And then the storyline does tend to wander off from the path of reality, but that’s the whole point, because if we stuck rigidly to the truth, the whole thing would become rather repetitive. So, I’m not about to tell you who and what are real or what and who are imaginary, and that’s just as well, as quite honestly, I’m not particularly clear on that in my own mind. There are labels, or we can call them diagnoses, attached to many of the characters in this story – and you can decide for yourself who fits into which category – but since it is really just a matter of opinion, I shall try not to introduce anyone as, for example, ‘a person with learning difficulties’, unless it is really helpful for you to know, and downright confusing for you not to know. These stories have been written for the Stone Ness Walled Gardeners. I hope you will enjoy them too. Please read them aloud to anybody who struggles with reading – and, of course, have a go at singing the songs. Since the Autumn of 2009 small groups have been coming here to grow fruit, veg and flowers – some of them may recognise themselves in the stories, and may be surprised at the things they get up to!

Young Adult
July 20
Walled Garden Press
Paul Fulton

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