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Susan was recently hired as a live-in maid for the wealthy, charismatic Galgons. What starts out innocent quickly turns sensual as she learns more about their eccentric desires, especially concerning the medication she’d been taking that has made her breasts feel so tender and full. Before long, it’s clear they intend to service her as much as she services them. 

This 4800 word story includes intense lactation, nipple play, breast worship, M/F/F, and intense three-way action!


“So your breasts have been overly tender? You should know, that might be due to that you haven’t properly... relieved them,” he continued. I blinked in confusion.

“What do you mean? You know that much about it?” He nodded.

“In all honesty, Roxanne has tried the medication herself.” I was shocked, but I didn’t want to press him for details. He moved to the door and crooked a finger at me. “If you like, she can tell you about it. I’m sure she’d be happy to help you deal with the sensitivity issue.”

I swallowed hard. Goose pimples raised over my skin. There was something unexpectedly sensual about all this. I was surprised how interested I was.

“Um... okay.”

Next thing I knew, I was following Mitch to the den where Roxanne was sitting and reading. She looked up and smiled at us, and I marveled again at how strikingly beautiful she was. In all honesty, my breasts were aching lately. They’d leaked more than once recently, but I did my best to hide it. If Roxanne knew about it, maybe she could help me and I wouldn’t be quite so embarrassed about it.

“Darling,” Mitch leaned down and greeted her with a peck. “It turns out our Susan here is taking that same medication you tried last year. You remember? The one I’ve been investing in for some time?” Her striking eyes sparkled with interest and swiveled to gaze at me. I dropped my gaze. They made me feel so nervous.

“Is that so? Well... some things are making more sense now,” Roxanne purred.

“She’s just told me she’s been experiencing the swelling and tenderness. I was thinking you could help her with that?”

Roxanne stood and smoothed her slacks down her long legs before walking to an armoire across the room, moving gracefully like a gazelle. She pulled a key from her blouse, unlocked the door, and extracted a milking pump. My eyes widened.

“Oh!” I breathed in realization. Mitch touched my shoulder gently.

“Don’t feel awkward. My wife knows what she’s doing.” I gulped and nodded. I felt strangely compelled to go along with this. They seemed to mean well, and they were so charismatic that it was difficult to say no.

Roxanne approached me and took my arm, gently leading me to sit next to her in a comfortable leather armchair. She plugged in the hoses and screwed the cup on the bottle. Her manicured fingers touched lightly on my wrist.

“If you would just unbutton your blouse, dear,” she cooed. I felt a blush creep over me and glanced quickly at Mitch. He sat down in a nearby chair and appeared for all the world completely unfazed. I gulped and began to unbutton as instructed. “Don’t be shy. I promise we don’t bite.”

Fiction & Literature
March 26
Sage Reamen
Draft2Digital, LLC

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