Tapping Scripts For Beginners: EFT Tapping Scripts For Stress Management, Weight Loss, Energy Healing And More That You Can Use Today‪!‬

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Discover how to Re-Program your Brain for Success and Happiness!

No matter what your personal roadblocks are, tapping can help you get over them

Health is not a condition of matter, but of Mind.
- Mary Baker Eddy

Right now take a moment and ask yourself what are the issues you are struggling with that are currently holding your back? Do you experience crippling stress? Are you prone to procrastination? Do you want to quit smoking or lose weight? Whatever it is take heart and know that you are not alone. To one extent or another everyone you meet is fighting their own desperate battle. What’s more I’m sure that you’ve made many attempts to overcome your own personal demons in the past only to come up short. Why is making real, positive change so difficult?
The problem, more often than not, is in your mind. From the time you are born your brain is constantly trying to understand and relate to the world by way of cause and effect relationships. Some cause and effect relationships, such as the seemingly instantaneous urge to remove your hand from fire, are obviously beneficial. However as we get older these cause and effect relationships can become mixed up and confused and actually hold us back. An example of this is learning to respond to stress by drinking, smoking, or overeating. This is the problem that most of us face. Often without knowing it we have constrained ourselves in invisible chains of our own creation. This is what holds us back and why it can be so hard to change.
Breaking these invisible bonds and replacing them with positive habits is what meridian tapping is all about. Not unlike acupuncture or acupressure tapping allows you to make use of the mind / body connection to re-program your faulty brain patterns and replace them with new ones. This is what Tapping Scripts for Beginners is all about. Within it’s pages you will learn how to:
Transform negative emotions into positive ones
Allow new insights and options to manifest themselves to you
Remove blocked energy and allow yourself to experience true happiness
Make your days easier by learning to go with the flow as opposed to making everything into a fight
Improve your relationships, both at home and at work
Experience true emotional freedom from doubt, fear and worry
Release your creativity
Learn how to overcome issues such as weight loss, insomnia, shyness and more
This is but a taste of what the miracle of meridian tapping can help you with. In straightforward and easy to understand language Tapping Scripts for Beginners outlines the principles you need to know in order to turn your life around today. What’s more, once you understand theses principles you will have the power to create your own tapping scripts to help you overcome your own unique issues. The secret to becoming all you can be is by learning how to unlock the power of your mind. Order this book and get started on your own journey of self-discovery and adventure today!

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January 4
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