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The editors of Taste of Home, the world’s No. 1 cooking magazine, have outdone themselves with this new collection. With over 450 recipes to choose from, this truly is The Ultimate Casserole Cookbook.

No wonder casseroles are the most popular comfort food around! Not only are they delicious, their convenience in the kitchen is unmatched. Many of the meal-in-one dishes gracing these pages are freezer friendly, can easily be assembled ahead of time and can be made using ingredients already on hand. Plus, cleanup is a snap because you don’t use every pot and pan in the kitchen…and the leftovers taste great!

All-American casseroles are as beloved as ever because they’re so versatile and satisfying. Whether you need a robust dinner, breakfast meal or side dish, you won’t have any trouble finding a recipe to suit your needs. You’ll relish hundreds of user-friendly hot dish recipes perfect for brunch buffets, potlucks, family gatherings, church suppers, holiday events or easy-to-assemble weekday dinners.

This lovely collection is divided into 10 chapters. For the meat-lovers in your family, turn to the Beef, Poultry and Pork chapters. When you want to take a break from meat-and-potatoes fare, there are the Seafood and Meatless chapters. You’ll also find tantalizing dishes in the Breakfast & Brunch chapter, as well as Side Dishes, Quick & Easy and Serves Two. And finally, for scrumptious casseroles that serve 12 or more people, turn to Potluck Pleasers. There’s something for everyone and for any situation! 

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January 10
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