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In the spirit of George Gilder’s Life after Google, and as an optimistic counterpoint to Yuval Noah Harare’s 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, the tale told in this book makes the case for practical solutions using Blockchain’s transformative power in areas where they matter most. It shows how crypto-technologies enable 21st century concepts and technologies to realize radical and transformative results centered on Africa’s youth.Real transformation and transcendence of societies cannot be reached by tinkering with 20th century solutions rooted in the 19th century industrial revolution. Instead, we need 21st century concepts and decentralized tools.Blockchain-enabled high-tech solutions using 21st century emerging technologies create trillion-dollar opportunities for African and foreign entrepreneurs, disrupting, transforming, and rapidly developing African economies and societies. Millions of creative, driven, and educated Africans are physically and technically cut off from the 97% of the global economy outside of Africa. Although talented and full of entrepreneurial drive, the lack of money and infrastructure makes it near impossible for them to compete or contribute. Traditional approaches based on aid or low-cost labor cannot work. But futuristic technologies and innovative economic and business models can achieve a massive influx of investment capital into Africa, triggering unprecedented economic growth. Their drivers are privately funded initiatives using low-earth orbit satellites, 5G communication, edge computing, virtual and extended reality applications, genomics, and 3-D enabled digitized manufacturing. A Blockchain-enabled pan-African network of decentralized innovation centers can directly integrate millions of people into data-driven digitized global supply chains. This revolutionizes commerce and unleashes the power of the world’s largest source of young minds and brains. It propels Africans directly into the middle of the 21st century.

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December 12
Competitive Edge Internationl, Inc
Competitive Edge International, Inc

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