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Learn The Power of Using Simple Technical Analysis Techniques

Although the phrase “technical analysis” may sound complex it really doesn’t have to be. Technical analysis is a market analysis technique used by successful individual traders and financial institutions the world over to analyze markets to find opportunities to profit.

"Technical Analysis: Forex Analysis & Technical Trading Basics"

Learn The Basics of Technical Analysis - Learn what technical analysis is as well as the basics of technical analysis. See examples of how technical analysis is used to create simple trading strategies.

Trading Strategies - Learn the basics of trading strategies as we explore a variety of illustrated examples.

Trading Strategy Optimization - Learn the basics of exploring the best inputs for your trading strategy to create the most stable strategy possible. Included are illustrated examples of evaluating and selecting from a variety of optimization results.

Money Management - Learn the basics of one of the most underutilized, most powerful of all trading concepts, money management. Learn how money management can grow your account size larger and faster all without increasing your level of risk.

Trading Strategy Evaluation - One of the most important things you will learn in this book is how to evaluate the performance of a strategy. Most beginning traders "get married on the first date". In other words they commit to a relationship without knowing nearly enough about the "other party". In this case the other party is a trading strategy.

Included is an introduction to a variety of performance metrics as well as techniques to analyze those metrics to evaluate a trading strategy. This skill is essential whether you intend to build your own strategy or buy a commercially-available strategy. Learning a few simple strategy evaluation techniques can save you a lot of time, money, and grief.

Risk Control - No technical trading book would be complete without exploring risk control. Learn about using technical analysis to evaluate and control your risk.

Learn From Illustrated Trading Examples

Throughout this book you will see a variety of examples trades showing entry and exit points. The logic behind the example trades is explained and illustrations are included to enhance your learning experience.

Though the examples in this book focus on Forex trading, the concepts and principles can be applied to a wide variety of financial instruments in virtually every market such as stock, futures, etc.

If you are an experienced and successful trader then you are already putting into practice the information found inside this book. If you are new to trading or haven't been trading successfully, however, you will find information designed to take your trading to the next level.

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Download this informative Forex trading book now and start to improve your trading today!

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April 16
Cedric Telstine
Draft2Digital, LLC

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