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From her first assignment in 1998 to explore an increase in the number of missing women to the harrowing 2002 interrogation of convicted serial killer Robert Pickton, Lori Shenher tells a story of massive police failure—failure of the police to use the information about Pickton available to them, failure to understand the dark world of drug addiction and sex work, and failure to save more women from their killer.

Shenher explains how police unwillingness to believe the women were missing or murdered, jurisdictional squabbles, and a fear of tunnel vision conspired to leave women unprotected and vulnerable to a serial killer nearly three years after she first received a tip that Pickton could be responsible. She unflinchingly reveals her own pain and psychological distress as a result of these events, which left her unable to work with or trust the police and the criminal justice system. That Lonely Section of Hell reveals the deeper truths behind the causes of this tragedy and the myriad ways the system—and society—failed to protect vulnerable people.

August 31
Greystone Books
Perseus Books, LLC

Customer Reviews

LShenher ,

Thanks for the Feedback

Hi Penelope,

Thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry you found the book so disappointing. I’m responding because yours is the first negative review of the book I’ve seen or heard and I’m sincerely sorry you didn’t get something out of reading it. I think it’s more a 4. :-)

I wish you all the best.

Lori Shenher
That Lonely Section of Hell

80sativa20indica ,

This book could be so much better

I wanted to read about Robert Pickton not some persons anxiety issues.

PenelopePaulg ,

That Lonely Section of Hell

This book had a great deal of promise but faded into a self-pittying, whinny and redundant bore. No one in charged of editing? Keeping it readable? I went from loving this woman to being repulsed by her self-centeredness. I still think she has talent but needs to turn herself over to the advise of competent editor. Three stars is generous considering the last half of the book was a write-off.