The Ambitious Hotwife Newscaster

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We know who Savana is--we’ve all seen her on cable news. She’s beautiful, single, and smart. Her voice alone could seduce almost any man. But few people know she’s actually a married hotwife. Even fewer people know her husband watches over the internet as she’s taken hard by both sexes. She’s sexy, famous, and available, but all she really wants is the man she married.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

She padded back into the main bedroom, using the towel on her hair as she walked. She hadn’t bothered putting clothes on, if needed she would have wrapped the towel around her body again.

Savana was standing in front of the bathroom sink, a hair blower in her left hand, a brush in her right, when she thought she heard the door open and close.

“Make yourself a drink, I’ll be out in a few minutes,” she yelled. Savana thought of wrapping the towel around herself, but the room was hot and damp from her shower.

She was still working on her hair when she felt someone behind her. “Mark, you startled me.”

“Brushing your hair like that really makes your breasts bounce.”

“Does it? I hadn’t noticed,” Savana couldn’t help herself, she looked down.

“You can make yourself comfortable and have a drink, or something.”

“I’m comfortable enough right here,” Mark said.

Savana looked at him in the mirror, he was watching her body, his handsome face was smiling. A lump was visible in his pants, a long tube that ran halfway to his knee.

Savana put the dryer down and asked Mark, still looking toward the mirror, “would you help wrap this towel around me?”

“I kind of like things the way they are, you have a spectacular body, but I’ll do it for you.”

Savana smiled; the compliment had struck home. Being nude in front of a good-looking black man was having an effect on her. She felt herself tingling. She was breathing hard as Mark picked up the towel and Savana lifted her arms to make it easier for him.

Mark’s breath was hot on her neck, he was standing much too close. Savana could feel his hardness pressing against her. She tried not to move; she didn’t want to encourage him. But it felt so good. Especially when he brought the towel around to cover her breasts, and dropped it, on purpose, so he could gently caress her with his rough fingertips.

A spark went through Savana’s body. She looked down at his enormous black hands touching her. Despite willing herself to be still, her hips were moving, pushing her butt against him.

“I’m going to make love to you, Savana.” He sounded like Barry White whispering in her ear.

“You shouldn’t.”

“Would you stop me?”

“No, you’re much more powerful than I am. You can do whatever you want to me.” Savana had felt submissive ever since she’d started work at the Siren News Network.

Mark bent her forward over the bathroom counter, only wondering for a moment why Savana had her laptop open. Savana felt his powerful hands pulling her hips up, his legs were between hers, spreading her wide.

She groaned as his fingers probed her opening, spreading her natural lubrication.

“Savana’s laptop is on,” Liz said. They were in a hotel room. Joe had been at the desk wondering if he should order a pizza from room service.

“You’ve got to see this.” Joe forgot all about food when he saw his wife about to be taken by a large black man. His heart rate exploded; his hands shook as his fingers went numb. Liz was staring at the screen, unaware of the emotional charge Joe was experiencing.

His wife, the woman he planned to spend his life with, was bent naked over a bathroom counter and… The man behind her was immense, how could Savana possibly… he was going to hurt her.

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September 19
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