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All 3 books of addictive military romance in the ARMY RANGER TRILOGY in one incredible bundle!

These U.S. Army Rangers fought for their country. Are they willing to fight for the women they love?

Cory Foster: Always in control, this U.S. Army Ranger likes women in his bed but out of his heart—until he's blindsided by love.

Maddy Wright: An E.R. doc who swore she'd never be romantically involved with a soldier—and now finds herself pregnant by one.

Chase Richards: This Army Ranger agonizes over his love for an unattainable woman, and then for the loss of his comrades—and more.

Ella Foster: Can she shed her victim status and become the woman she was meant to be—and the one Chase badly needs?


Nothing in U.S. Army Ranger Cory Foster's Army training prepared him for his little sister's unexpected pregnancy or its tragic consequences. But his sister isn't the only woman who blindsides the commitment-phobic soldier. Doctor Madeline Wright has good reasons for not trusting military men. But when Cory needs her help, which will win: her aversion to soldiers or her compassion?

Ella Foster gave her heart to a dirtbag who knocked her up and dumped her. What she really needs is a man like Chase Richards. But her brother's best friend is so far out of her league, why would he want someone like her? The Bro Code says you shouldn't fall in love with your best friend's kid sister. But the Bro Code never anticipated a woman like Ella. How can Chase battle his heart when it comes to the woman who's heated up his dreams for years?


Whether it's on the battlefield or in the bedroom, Cory is always the one in charge. But sometimes a man just has to give up control, especially to someone like E.R. doctor Maddy Wright. One thing Maddy knows for sure. She sucks at this whole military girlfriend thing. And how in the world will she tell Cory he's going to be a father?

U.S. Army Ranger Chase Richards knows Ella's "The One" for him. But he also has an unbreakable allegiance to the Ranger team. Is there room in his life to commit to both? Ella Foster's past is filled with bad choices and lousy guys. Does she really deserve happiness with Chase? When an old enemy and a jealous ex get tangled in the mix, the Ranger team starts to unravel. And then the unthinkable happens. Will the lives of these warriors and the women who love them be altered forever?


U.S Army Ranger Cory Foster has seen too much. He feels alive in Maddy's arms, but is he man enough to surrender to her fully? Rangers can't afford panic attacks and nightmares. Is the life he loves coming to an end?  E.R. Doctor Maddy Wright never wanted a soldier in her life, but her love for Cory and impending motherhood has changed her mind. But if she can't find the key to helping him release his inner demons, she may lose him.

Battles leave scars, and sometimes folks lose things that can never be replaced. With the loss of his leg, how can Chase ever again be man enough for Ella? Pushing her out of his life seems like the only option. Ella Foster has been fighting battles of her own, but how long can she keep fighting for a man who's determined to reject her love?

When tragedy strikes, the world of these Rangers and the women who love them will be changed forever. Will the ties of love, family, and honor that bind them together be a trap, or lead them to triumph?

Fiction & Literature
July 4
Tracey Cramer-Kelly
Draft2Digital, LLC

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