The Art of German Cooking and Baking

Genuine German Cooking and Baking

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Note: This edition of The Art of German Cooking and Baking has been updated to include Metric equivalents.

Mrs. Lina Meier's cookbook consists of about 1,350 recipes, all of which have been practically tested and prepared. Wonderful steamed puddings are just a few clicks away, or maybe you would like to make your own batch of Cracker Jack!

About Lina Maier:

The preparing of a cook book like The Art of German Cooking and Baking is the lifework of Mrs. Lina Meier of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who from childhood was closely associated with accomplished cooks. She was also under the guidance of her accomplished mother, took special courses in the best model cooking schools and acquired a great deal of practical experience by assisting chefs at the most noted hostelries.

In the city of Milwaukee Mrs. Meier had for many years conducted an advanced school of cooking with great success. For a number of years previous to the publishing of The Art of German Cooking and Baking, she took pains to make memoranda of all notable and especially delicious food preparations and was urged by many of her friends to publish her collection of recipes in book form.

She writes: "In giving to the public this second edition I am glad to be able to offer a revised and improved cook book. It has been my aim to improve it in every way and to make it as clear, practical and helpful as possible.

"The previous material has been carefully revised and changes made in the wording where it was believed that the language could be improved upon to make the author’s meaning more clear and comprehensible. A radical change has also been made in the construction and arrangement of the pages, which I trust will be an advantage.

"In recognition of the friendly attitude of the great public toward my first book, I wish to say that the entire edition of about 5,000 copies is scattered all over the country and many assurances of appreciation have come to me. I therefore feel encouraged to send this new edition out upon the world, knowing that it is the same excellent cook book, only improved and augmented, and I hope that the book will contribute materially to the happiness and attractiveness of many homes and help to solve many problems, especially for brides and beginners."

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