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Finally, a dating advice book that teaches you how to hold your ground when you don't know how to handle the confidence and tests of gorgeous women.

Make a gorgeous woman laugh through flirting and teasing and you can capture her heart. This book full of dating advice for men will show you how.

Gorgeous women have heard it all before:
"You are so beautiful."
"You have the most beautiful eyes."
"Wow, you have a really sexy body."

The compliments bore them when they come from men who are way too easy to obtain.

This easy-to-follow guide will teach you:
- Sexual confidence
- To have a complete lack of neediness
- To convey you are popular, fun and very funny, even if you're not
- How to handle virtually any conversation with gorgeous women so you appear strong, cocky and awesome to be with.

Renowned date coach, Greg Dean gives you the vital blueprint you need to create stunning attraction between you and the gorgeous woman you are falling for.

Men love compliments. Women love to be teased and challenged. So if you want to attract beautiful women, you must take another tact.

Too many guys play too nice or go way too far. This book teaches you that perfect balance. It will teach you to grow your own style but provides a complete back up system when you need to challenge her on the spot in a fun, friendly, confident way.

This guide is an absolute must for any guy who gets nervous around gorgeous women, conveys way too much interest and constantly gets friend zoned, or worse, ignored.

If you want the best possible chance to get the gorgeous girl and you don't know how to really handle yourself, this instruction book will show you what to say to her and give you the best possible chance at success.

Confident, gorgeous women love to be teased and challenged in a loving, fun way.

This is the art of teasing gorgeous women.

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August 1
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