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The Bad Boy Series Collection:

I've been in love with Hunter Saint my entire life. He was my first love and the one I could never forget. Then Fate intervened and we became enemies.

Now, I must go to Hunter on my hands and knees to beg him to save my brother's life.

I'll pay any price to save him. I'll do anything Hunter wants.


The Bad Boy Series by S. E. Lund's is a sexy new novella series, featuring a bad boy with a heart of gold and a heroine who can't get him out of her life or her heart. When Fate forces them back together again, can they deny what has long simmered between them?

December 3
S. E. Lund
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

CurkySue ,


In all honestly the story was there and the relationship between the two main characters was definitely built and filled with emotion. However, it took entirely too long for the characters to even meet in present day -- I don't believe they officially even spoke in present day until the very end of the first book or maybe even the middle of the second. The constant relay between present day and the past were confusing and placed in spots with no relevance or were too overly detailed and caused me to lose interest.

Definitely do not recommend purchasing each individual book by book within the series, as they are most definitely written to be one single book. As each individual "book" does not hold a beginning or an end as traditional series usually do. One absolutely cannot be read without the previous pages of the others.

There was entirely too much detail and constant repeating of that detail to a point where you read the material more than once. I found myself able to skip more than a few pages at a time and still not miss anything.

The main character was also extremely frustrating and her emotions and thoughts often did not add up with her actions. Her relationship with her stepfather made very little sense and I found her brother to be less of a protector and more of an enabler to her abuse.

There were a few grammatical errors as well, the main characters last name is said to be 'Parker' however she is referred to with the last name 'Franklin' a few times for no apparent reason.

Overall, I enjoyed the idea that this book had behind it but I cannot recommend it to be read by anyone until it undergoes a significant revision.

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