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A second shot at love. Her best next chance at happiness.

After years of torment and pain, Charity Cole feels safe again. The isolated house within which she lives and works is her haven. But her sanctuary is invaded when her icy, reserved boss shows up unannounced. He sees her as he was never meant to see her and Charity's carefully constructed safe world begins to crumble.

Miles Hollingsworth is a stone cold workaholic. His life revolves around his company and when ill health forces him to take time off he heads to his holiday home where he knows he won't have to deal with anyone but his dour live-in housekeeper, Mrs. Cole. Cut off by violent winter storms and alone in the huge and isolated house, Miles and Charity are forced to spend more time together than they have before.

The attraction between them burns fiercely and uncontrollably but both are reluctant to act on it. Something has to give but both Charity and Miles have too much at stake to be the first one to break.

Praise for previous books by Natasha Anders:

"A breathtaking journey of forgiveness, second chances, and the power of true love." —Woman's World

"[A] page-turner that is destined to do a serious number on your heart...definitely one of my favorite first reads this year!" —Red's Romance Reviews

"Amazing story...I really enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it!" —Teatime and Books

"Sweet, funny, and utterly gut wrenching. I really loved this book." —Dirty Girl Romance

"Natasha Anders does such a great job with pulling on your heartstrings." —Steph and Chris's Book Review

"[I] enjoyed the book. It teaches you about empathy, to not give up hastily and to fight for what/who you love. And that everything worth having takes a lot of work." —Reading is Dreaming with Open Eyes

"A charming, funny second-chance romance." —Bananas are Tricky

"Hard to put down. This intense story is heavy on the romance and is nontraditional in many aspects, right down to the South African setting." —RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

"Natasha does a wonderful job of bringing emotions simmering beneath the surface to the top. A Husband's Regret was an easy book to become immersed in with its fast pace and great flow...an intense, emotionally charged romance that I'd recommend to any romance reader who likes a plot you can sink into." —Harlequin Junkie

July 20
Natasha Anders
Twenty-Fifth Street Book LLC