The Big Book Of Saltwater Aquarium: How To Care For And Keep Marine Fish And Corals

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Publisher Description

If you want to know the best way to set up your saltwater aquarium and you want the healthiest fish possible, then this book is for you.

In this Saltwater Aquarium Guide book, you will discover:

- Two different approaches to setting up your aquarium. The current trend in saltwater fishkeeping is to set up new saltwater aquariums using live rock, also called FOWLR (Fish-Only-with-Live-Rock). Previously, the traditional method was to decorate with dead corals and/or synthetic decorations.

- The art to stacking live rock so that it creates underwater scenes which mimic ocean reefs. This book teaches you how the pros choose pieces of live rock and how to place and anchor these pieces. You will discover secret techniques of this highly sought-after art.

- Choose a proper filtration system and all the necessary equipment. Learn how to select hardy fish, groups of fish and invertebrates that are compatible with each other, the ins and outs of a quarantine aquarium, and even the safest way to introduce fish into your aquarium.

- What really keeps these magnificent creatures alive and content for years as well as expert techniques to feeding and caring for your aquarium. This guide removes guesswork; allowing you to have the same amazing results as the pros.

- Build a strong foundation of saltwater knowledge, ensuring a fun and fulfilling fish keeping future. All it takes is the right equipment and expert advice to be able to select healthy fish and keep them thriving in an aquarium.

- Bonus 1 - A special report on "How You Can Select Healthy Saltwater Fish Like The Experts"

- Bonus 2 - Helpful tracking forms to keep track of livestock and water test results

- Bonus 3 - "The Perfect Fish Identifier Form" to help you decide if a particular fish is right for your aquarium.

Imagine getting a saltwater aquarium and KNOWING that you’ll be able to give your fish a high-quality life.

By following the guidelines in this book, you can maximize the quality of life that your fish will live.

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February 17
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