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Sexy billionaire Mr. Hathaway has one simple request for his teen babysitter, Sophie: "Stay out of trouble."

But trouble is just what Sophie is after! She's been trying to get Mr. Hathaway's attention for months, but he's always too wrapped up in his business affairs to even notice ... or so it seems.

Can Mr. Hathaway still pretend like he doesn't notice Sophie -- even after she climbs into his bed and sends him naughty pictures? Or has she finally crossed the line, and in need of some serious punishment?


This 4,800 word story contains graphic descriptions of rough, kinky sex! Also featured: a spanking with a leather belt, panties used as a gag, and a steamy climax. Intended for adults only.



Like I was possessed by some force, my hand uncontrollably went up my mini-skirt and started running up and down my panties, teasing my pussy. In my head, I imagined that Mr. Hathaway was doing all this to me. I sighed and arched my back as the pleasure washed over me in tiny waves. My fingers suddenly grabbed my little thong and tore it off and tossed it in the corner.

Stop, Mr. Hathway, I found myself thinking. Your wife is going to find us!

I rubbed and flicked my horny little clit, feeling another small orgasm about to crash over me. I was so dirty, and this was so bad! Mr. Hathaway would flip out if he knew … and that's when I had an idea.

I pulled out my cell phone and wrote a text to Mr. Hathaway.

To: Mr. Hathaway
From: Sophie
I might have gotten in trouble after all.

I pressed “send” and waited. Would he reply? He usually doesn't. I pressed the tip of my finger just gently into my hole and moaned. It felt so good. I wanted my whole finger inside me, but I loved to be teased. Have to take it slow.

That's when my phone vibrated.

To: Sophie
From: Mr. Hathaway

I laughed – a single question-mark! He's so to-the-point. But I knew I had his curiosity for him to respond at all. I aimed my phone at myself and took a picture of me, laying in Mr. Hathaway's bed, with my tits spilling out from my top, and my cute little pink pussy spread out for him. I sent the picture to Mr. Hathaway.

Your move, Mr. Hathaway, I thought.

Fiction & Literature
June 23
Scorpio Press
Smashwords, Inc.

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