The Black and White Knight part 1

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For decades the lands of Elleghane lay dormant, her fields fallow. Her men had gone to war and come back broken or not at all. Her women had died; of age, disease, childbirth and loneliness - all save one.

Enarrah, grand-daughter of Alicia the Sighted One was the driving force of normalcy at Castle Strathenham. All looked to her for guidance, healing and hope since Lord William took ill grieving for his beloved wife Violet.

She had hardship at every turn but faced each trial with a dignity and courage far beyond her nineteen years. Now she faced a true dilemma, a strange-clad knight dressed in black and white had appeared from nowhere wreaking havoc and bloodshed, but her gift of sight could only find good in him.

After thirteen years of dangerous travels, the carnage of war and living by his wits Luke Wynnewood was a man adrift in a sea of emotional turmoil. His best friend had died in his arms, his lady fair was sent away from him by her father, and his king lay buried in foreign soil.

His wandering had now led him to the Isles of Britain, to a new king and a quest.

He had resolved that he would never share his feelings again. Then he looked into the soft green eyes of the plain dressed girl with the fiery spirit and his resolve was gone.

Now these mythical lands must be reborn and a kingdom saved by the marriage alliance of this legendary knight and this girl of destiny. Together they must find their love and their courage to overcome all adversity, or the House of Elleghane will suffer and fall at the hand of a usurper possessed by an ancient evil.

The Elleghane Saga by Honey Myers consists of twenty proposed volumes covering a time span of 1150 years from 1134 to 2184 AD. The saga will take you across the Continent, the Middle East, The New World, modern day America; and, in Book 20, to the far side of the galaxy.

The ultimate historical romance series, The Elleghane Saga is a cross-genre blend with elements of folklore, fantasy, mystery, action-adventure, mythology and religion. We strive for excellence in our books, to entertain, enrich and capture your heart and imagination with drama, humor, hope and most of all love and romance. The men and women of the saga empower themselves and each other to be a force for good in their world and we hope they will inspire you to be a force for good in yours.

We cordially invite you to join us and continue the journey through time and places with the brave men and incredible women of The Family Elleghane.

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July 20
Honey Myers
Draft2Digital, LLC

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