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There’s a new power broker in town: The person with the money, control, and wisdom
to change the world! She is a member of a powerful group—a most powerful group that has been invisible to the world—until now.
She is one of The Bloomers! She is the woman over 50 who has the capability of
changing the world. Like a spent flower, society has relegated her to the compost pile—not
needed or wanted. Not so. You must read The Bloomers: Wise Women Creating a New World.
The Bloomers was written by a PhD student who is collecting social security!
A. J. White RN, PhD candidate, is a late bloomer woman who is challenging all women over the age of 50 to wake up and take control of creating a New World. She understands that women
have millennia of wisdom, experience, and knowledge to share with the world.
The Bloomers: Wise Women Creating a New World is a book of empowerment and a clarion call to awaken women. It’s funny, irreverent, politically incorrect, and filled with pearls
of wisdom. It will pick you up, shake you by your knickers, and prod you into kicking up your heels.

The Bloomers: Wise Women Creating a New World is a call-to-arms for the most powerful group of people in the world—they just didn’t know it until now!
Successful aging is a hot topic as the population is getting older. There are very few books written on successful aging, with the seminal work written in 1998 by Rowe and Kahn. What is written is within the biomedical realm—diet, lifestyle, preventative medicine. It is also not gender specific. Women both think and age differently than men. Women are very conscientious in their care for their bodies and mental health. Having good self-esteem helps a person’s concept of successful aging. The Bloomers is written specifically for the older woman to become aware of herself and the shifts she feels, both emotionally and psychologically, as she ages. It is a book of empowerment for the post-menopausal woman to assist her to reinvent herself as a new person. It offers six different aspects of successful aging that releases the power of her wisdom. This is an inspirational self-help book written from the biopsychosocial realm honoring the uniqueness of women.

February 14
A. J. White
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