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A Brand New Tangled & Tempting Romance from New York Times Bestseller, Pepper Winters. 

"Must be slim, able to stand for long periods of time, and be impervious to the cold.”

The headline caught my attention.

“Hours are negotiable, pay is minimal, clothing absolutely forbidden.”

The second line piqued my curiosity.

“Able to hold your bladder and tongue, refrain from opinions or suggestions, and be the perfect living canvas.”

The third made me scowl.

“Other attributes required: non-ticklish, contortionist, and obedient. Must also enjoy being studied while naked in a crowd.”

The fourth made me shudder.

“Call or email ‘YOUR SKIN, HIS CANVAS’ if interested in applying.”

The final made my heart race.

I should’ve kept scrolling past the advertisement.

I should’ve applied for the boring receptionist job at minimum wage.

I should’ve clicked on any other job where I got to keep my clothes on.

But I didn’t.

I applied.

My interview is tomorrow…

May 10
Pepper Winters
pepper winters

Customer Reviews

Sandy Sch ,

4.25 stars-emotional, dark, gritty

4.25stars--THE BODY PAINTER is the first instalment in Pepper Winters’ contemporary, adult MASTER OF TRICKERY erotic, dark, romantic thriller focusing on body painter Gilbert ‘Gil’ Clark, and Olin Moss.

WARNING: Due to the nature of the story line content, there may be some triggers for more sensitive readers.

Told from dual first person perspectives (Gil and Olin), using present day and memories from the past, THE BODY PAINTER follows the rekindling relationship between high school friends Gilbert ‘Gil’ Clark, and Olin Moss. Gil Clark was a loner; a young man whose life was spiralling out of control and the only bright light in his otherwise dark work was classmate Olin Moss. Olin knew something wasn’t right at home where is concerned Gil Clark but her heart wanted more for the young man whose aura screamed heart break and pain. But one night would change everything pushing Olin Moss out of Gil Clark’s life, a night that would control Gil’s future, and all that he touched.

Gil Clark’s life has never been easy, and discovering his new ‘canvas’ was the girl he had always loved found Gil caught between head and heart in order to protect the people he loved. As Gil’s life continues to circle the proverbial drain, Olin will be pulled into a nightmare not of her making.

THE BODY PAINTER is an emotional, dark, raw and heart breaking story of one man’s battle to survive in a world that is continuously threatening to take him down. A history tormented by betrayal and abuse, Gil is unable to let go of the chains that bind him to the sins of the past. A bit of a Pollyanna, Olin is desperate to save the boy/man that she never stopped loving but saving herself should be her first priority. Pepper Winter’s writes a gritty, abrasive and tragic tale about an ill-fated friendship with disturbing consequences. THE BODY PAINTER ends on a cliff hanger-you have been warned.

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