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The burgess theory is a psychological thriller about a young man who, in an attempt to get over his traumatic childhood, has to come to terms with gruesome secrets about his own past and personality.


“It felt like someone was unscrewing something inside of me. It hurt badly. I told him he was hurting me and asked him to stop but he didn’t. Instead, he went at it with even more force. I tried to scream but before I knew it, his other palm was right there, covering my mouth. I was just there with my back against this brick wall in this dimly lit alley. I was making muffled sounds and crying but with the loud music blaring from the party that was going on inside, no one could hear me." - Page 61

I thanked her and before she left my room, that afternoon, she said, “One day, you too might find yourself in situations beyond your control. When that happens, do your best to be true to yourself. Have one colour on all sides.” - Page 82

“You can always control yourself, Christian. When another human is screaming at you and trying to tell you no, your mind registers that and your body can choose to follow suit. You can and could’ve controlled yourself." - Page 98

Mysteries & Thrillers
May 23
Tobi Nifesi
Horoma Vision

Customer Reviews

Nuvie A. ,

10/10 Recommend

This book was written in a backward time sequence that heightens the suspense and makes it all the more fun to read. Each chapter is written in its own timestamp narrating a particular event and in the end, it all comes together. The author uses ‘The Burgess Theory’ by Anne Frank to bring awareness to rape and the effects of trauma. Overall very educative and well-researched book.

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