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This 31,300-word bundle contains The Virgin’s Orgasm Exam, The Doctor’s Hypno Fertility Experiment, and House Calls.

The Virgin’s Orgasm Exam

When young Megan admits to her college roommate that she has never had an orgasm, she finds herself at the Climax Clinic in the capable hands of Dr. Bauer. She quickly finds that the doctor has unusual and forceful methods, tying her down and exploring her every bodily reaction. When the doctor first prescribes anal penetration, there’s little the helpless teen can do to resist. But will the desperate teen be willing to accept Dr. Bauer’s final treatment—even if it involves the loss of her virginity and possible impregnation?

Warning: this 10,400-word story contains a helpless young virgin in the hands of a domineering doctor, reluctant bondage, medically necessary anal penetration, a girl’s amazing first orgasms, straps and vibrators, orgasm denial, and an ever-increasing intensity of examinations ending in rough defloration and a doctor’s seed deep inside a virgin’s womb. Adults only!

Note: all characters depicted in this story are 18 years or older.

The Doctor’s Hypno Fertility Experiment

Young college student Amanda knows she was lucky to land an internship at the Climax Clinic. So when the head doctor tells her they need a test subject for an experimental new drug, she leaps at the opportunity. Sure, she’ll be tested on, not running the project, but any experience is good experience for a premed degree, right?

But when the inexperienced virgin begins to lose her sense of self, doubts start rising within her. And when she helplessly gives in to the embarrassing sexual commands of the three head doctors, doubt turns to fear. But the more Amanda is forced by the hot, dirty, and controlling lusts of the doctors, the less she is able to resist. Will the terrified teen be able to break free, or will she give in and see the research through to its intended conclusion—with her pregnant and begging for more?

Warning: this 11,300-word story contains a helpless young virgin under the influence of experimental mind-controlling drugs, lack of control, forced deflowering and use of her body by older doctors, first time anal sex, straps and vibrators, reluctant impregnation, and a steaming hot g******g with three horny doctors and one helplessly fertile teen. Adults only!

Note: all characters depicted in this story are 18 years or older.

House Calls

Caitlin had always been a bit impatient, but this time she was paying for it.

But when she overdosed on an experimental fertility drug, her world turned upside down. Sure, she got the chest she had dreamed of—and then some—but with it came uncontrollable arousal. A mind not her own, so far gone that she couldn’t even leave her tiny campus apartment for fear of giving in to heart-pounding animal needs.

But she quickly finds out that house calls by the doctors of the Climax Clinic are not a thing to be taken lightly. Alone in her apartment with a strong, determined doctor, she is at the mercy of his aggressive diagnosis. And when the doctors discover that young Caitlin lied about having a partner while taking the powerful fertility drug, they are forced to prescribe the only cure possible:

A baby in the innocent girl’s untouched womb.

Warning: this 9,600-word sensual erotic story contains extremely taboo, forbidden sexual situations and is intended for adults only!

Note: all characters depicted in this story are 18 years or older.

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February 22
Lindsey Purl
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