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The Complete Library Of Cooking, deals with  the varieties of fruits and the desserts that can be made from them,  the canning and preserving of foods, the making of confections of every  description, beverages and their place in the diet, and every phase of  the planning of meals.

With fruits becoming less seasonal and more a daily food, an  understanding of them is of great value to the housewife. In Fruit and  Fruit Desserts, she first learns their place in the diet, their nature,  composition, and food value. Then she proceeds with the preparation and  serving of every variety of fruit. Included in this section also are  fruit cocktails, those refreshing appetizers often used to introduce a  special meal.

To understand how to preserve perishable foods in the seasons of plenty  for the times when they are not obtainable is a valuable part of a  housewife's knowledge. Canning and Drying deals with two ways of  preserving foodstuffs, treating carefully the equipment needed and all  the methods that can be employed and every part of the procedure  followed. The fruits and vegetables that permit of canning, as  well as certain meats and fish, are taken up in a systematic manner.

Jelly Making, Preserving, and Pickling continues a discussion of the  home preservation of foods, showing how they can be kept for long  periods of time not by sterilization, but with the aid of preservatives.  Each one of these methods is treated as to its principles, equipment,  and the procedure to be followed. After trying the numerous recipes  given, the housewife will be able to show with pride the results of her  efforts, for nothing adds more to the attractiveness and palatability of  a meal than a choice jelly, conserve, marmalade, or jam.

Confections deals with that very delightful and fascinating part of  cookery--confection making. Not only are home-made confections cheaper  than commercially made ones, but they usually contain more wholesome  materials, so it is to the housewife's advantage to familiarize herself  with the making of this food. Recipes are given for all varieties of  confections, including taffies, caramels, cream candies, and the  confections related to them. Fondant making is treated in detail  showing every step and directions for making many unusual kinds.

Though beverages often receive only slight consideration, they are so  necessary that the body cannot exist very long without them. In  Beverages is discussed the relation of beverages to meals, the classes  of beverages, and the preparation of those required by the human system,  as well as the proper way to serve them. In addition to coffee, tea,  cocoa, chocolate, and cereal beverages, fruit, soft, and nourishing  drinks receive their share of attention.

To be a successful home maker, it is not enough for a housewife to know  how to prepare food; she must also understand how to buy it, how to look  after the household accounts, what constitutes correct diet for each  member of her family, how to plan menus for her regular meals and for  special occasions, and the essentials of good table service. All these  things, and many more, she learns in The Planning of Meals, which  completes this volume.

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