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When covert operations go wrong, the CIS sends in . . . The Corrector.

After a botched retrieval operation, Javin Pierce is sent in to complete the mission where others failed. But, before even getting started, Javin and his less-than-trusted partner, Claudia, must deal with a devious terrorist plot. Their search leads them to a flash drive containing scandals that could topple world governments and plunge Europe into absolute chaos if they do not retrieve it in time.

How will The Corrector fix this disastrous mission? Uncertain if they can even trust each other and unprepared for the shocking truth that could cost their lives, Javin and Claudia must stop the treasonous plot, retrieve the elusive drive, and save themselves and the entire European continent, all without leaving a trace . . .


★★★★★ "I really enjoyed and loved the storyline and all the action … the ending was brilliant! The story flow was so excellent and just kept you turning the pages."

★★★★★ "The Corrector by Ethan Jones is a riveting spy action thriller that includes all the requisite components. James Bond...Jason Bourne...move over because Javin Pierce has been activated!"

★★★★★ "Thoroughly enjoyed these new characters and series from the talented pen of Ethan Jones. I made a definite tactical error in opening this seconds after midnight when it appeared in my kindle library - impossible to close it and go to sleep once I'd started to read it, it's adrenaline-laced from beginning to end."

The Javin Pierce Spy Thriller Series

The Corrector is the first novel in this explosive, clean, adrenaline-drenched, bestselling series with hundreds of five-star reviews and thousands of sales and downloads. Each book is a self-contained story without cliffhangers and can be enjoyed on its own.

Scroll up, click now, and join The Corrector as Javin embarks on this explosive mission—and be part of the new series that is igniting the globe!

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March 1
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Customer Reviews

Jreader12 ,

The corrector

I liked the characters in this book- found it a bit slow at times but persisted and it picked up the pace- all in all enjoyed it.

Infosleuth ,

How hard can it be to retrieve a flash drive? Turns out, it’s even harder to keep it!

Lots of action in this book about Canadian intelligence agents who are called in to fix things when other agents’ operations go wrong. They are supposed to get in and get out without leaving a trace but it doesn't always work out that way. In this case, they are trying to retrieve a flash drive but others after are it as well. They don’t know what info is on it, so who is friend and who is foe? Do they really have a traitor in their midst? Lots of twists and turns and double crosses in a couple dangerous countries. You are clearly in lead agent Javin’s head as he puzzles through the clues and tries to figure out who he can trust and how to get them out alive. It's so great to have a series told from a Canadian perspective. Excellent start to a new series. Can't wait to find out more about Javin and Claudia.

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