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The Creed Of Buddha

by Edmond Holmes

"What the science of the West is performing for the growth (and the development) of wheat and barley, Buddha did for the growth of the soul. He taught men that, if they'd bring their lives into harmony with certain fundamental laws of Nature, their souls would grow--as well-tended crops grow--vigorously and healthily; and that the sense of well-being which accompanies successful growth, and which, when consciously realized, does work happiness, will be theirs." (From "Light From the East") THE CREED OF BUDDHA: How a True Teachings of Buddhism Can Revitalize Western Science and Spirituality shines a fantastic intellectual light on the inner teachings of the Buddhist religion, and makes a convincing argument for the revolutionary role Buddha's unique, enlightened comprehension of the mind and soul of Humanity might be destined to play in the revitalization of Western materialist science and supernatural spirituality.

Philosophy is, in its essence, the quest of reality. In the attempt to ascertain what is real, you've got to decide on, in the first instance, involving the percipient self and things that it perceives. This choice may appear to be purely metaphysical, but ultimately it becomes a moral choice and the one which is decisive of the chooser's destiny. -Edmond Holmes An excellent introduction and guide to the teaching of Buddha. Especial great for the Westerner wishing to appreciate this Eastern religion.

Table of Contents :

01. East And West

02. The Wisdom Of the East

03. The Path Of Life

04. The Teaching Of Buddha

05. A Misreading Of Buddha

06. The Silence Of Buddha

07. The Secret Of Buddha

08. The Bankruptcy Of Western Thought

09. Light From The East

Religion & Spirituality
April 1
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