The Curse Of My Blackness Unveiled The Curse Of My Blackness Unveiled

The Curse Of My Blackness Unveiled

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I thought something was wrong in this world, and I was right. Everything they ever told us is a lie. This is my true story and testimony as I embark on a personal journey decades after the cops told me I killed my brother. It's still hard to believe, considering they used me as a human shield so they could get some alone time with him. I do believe Black people have a disatvantage in this world due to generational curses. Nothing else explains our situation, so I searched out history, the Bible, and society as we know it. In doing so I found demons, evil spirits, the offspring of fallen angels, and the elite, or the powers that be, emmersed in ancient old supernatual blackmagic against us. It really does go back to Babylon and the forbidden knowledge from the Garden of Eden. There's a reason they've been removing of our Creator, Yah, from the equation of everything. Our oppressors replaced Him with a false pagan idol who's been deceiving the whole world ever since. Deception is at it's height because the end is likely near, and they want the truth hidden until then. But the real deception is that the world has been hiding the true Lost Sheep of Israel in plain sight, living in the hood. All we need to do is read Deuteronomy 28, and then look in the mirror. That's the reason, why, for our circumstances as Black people, and the curses we endure because of our lack of understanding of how the spiritworld has been working against us, every since our ancestors were unloaded from the belly of our oppressors' slave ships. I went looking for answers for my own understanding of my life, and life in general. What I found was our one true God, and His name, Yah, and our true Messiah, and His name, Yahushua. My research on these things, and everything else, concludes that I, and the so-called-Black people, are the biblical Israelites who are under a curse. And by knowing this, everything that I've been through in my life makes sense now.

Biographies & Memoirs
February 22
Letitia Richard
Draft2Digital, LLC

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