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Devastated by the news of her sister, Andy's murder, Emma travels to Maryland to settle her sister's affairs. After losing her parents and brother only a year earlier, Emma is barely keeping it together. The past year has been a rough one and her relationship with her brother's best friend, Will, has only complicated matters. She loves Will, and he loves her, but she feels he is too young for her.
Against her better judgement, Emma lets Will move into her home, but only because he has no place else to go. At first things go very well, and they fall into a comfortable routine. One night it all changes when Emma, celebrating her recent divorce, drinks too much and sleeps with Will. She immediately tells Will it was a mistake and can never happen again, but she is afraid she will give in to temptation. Will acts like he has accepted that they will only be friends, but when he looks at her, she can see the desire. The worst part is she feels it too.
While staying with her cousin, Paul, in Maryland, she meets Paul's best friend, Mark. Mark is the handsome detective investigating Andy's murder. Mark seems to be everything Emma wants in a man. He is handsome, smart, and fun to be around. When they get snowbound in Andy's isolated country house, they develop feelings for each other. Emma tries to forget about her feelings for Will.
After discovering Paul was in love with Andy, Emma encourages Paul to tell Mark. Paul listens to Emma and on Christmas informs Mark of his relationship with Andy. A fight between Mark and Paul erupts, and guilt ridden Emma drives back to Indiana. Arriving in Indiana in the middle of the night, Emma has no idea that the killer is waiting for her.

Mysteries & Thrillers
April 2
Jennifer Welsh
Smashwords, Inc.

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