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Faith. Family. Ducks—in that order.

This book gives readers an up-close and personal, behind-the-scenes look at the family in the exploding A&E® show—Duck Dynasty®. This Louisiana bayou family operates Duck Commander, a booming family business that has made them millions. You’ll hear all about the Robertson clan from Willie and what it was like growing up in the Robertson household. You’ll sample some of Willie’s favorite family recipes from Phil, Kay, and even some of his own concoctions; and you’ll get to know the beautiful Robertson women. You’ll hear from Korie about the joys and hardships of raising a family, running a business, and wrangling the Robertson men while staying fashionable and beautiful inside and out. Discover more about the family dynamics between brothers Willie, Jase, Jep, and parents Phil and Kay. You’ll even meet a fourth brother who isn’t in the show.

The popularity of Duck Dynasty is skyrocketing, garnering a Wednesday-night top two finish in all of cable. The book releases in time for season two of the show in October 2012.

October 9
Howard Books
Simon & Schuster Canada

Customer Reviews

Quackery Jack ,

Insightful if a little preachy

I've been a fan of Duck Dynasty from the beginning. I find the show hilarious and enjoy watching kind, good hearted people have fun. I respect the journey they've taken to success. Finally the TV-mould of all children who come from money turn out to be Lohans and Snookies. The Robertson family is what you'd think the "Leave it to Beaver" family would've been like in a modern world. The entertainment quality of TV wants us to believe all Red Necks are bumbling idiots and thankfully the Duck Commander crew proves intelligence can come dressed in camo if we open our eyes (LOL see what I did there....).

I enjoyed reading the background, the hardships endured that ultimately shaped the lives of one determined family and the success they've been able to celebrate with some side stories and hilarity for good measure. Willie and Korie's journey is a camo-clad fairytale. Loved the pictures at the end. Willie's a good looking man with a burly beard and larger (ahem) figure so it's no surprise his younger, clean shave, athletics years are quite attractive (well done Korie!). Watching the show, it's no surprise some sections of the book come across as preachy but it's easily overlooked as they are at least living by example. I just didn't like how forced and repetitive it could get as the story itself was the anecdote it didn't need to be finished with 10-15 attempts at cleverly summing up the lesson of the chapter. But that's a minor nuance that shouldn't overshadow the rest.

I recommend it to any fan of the show, any fan of a great "Rags to Riches" story, any fan of the American Dream or anyone who loves a positive and hilarious real life story. I enjoyed it.

LoraEire ,

Happy, Happy, Happy + Duck Commander Family

Excellent!!! The books are as great as the Duck Dynasty Show and a lovely way to learn more about this amazing family and everything they endured and overcame. I cried in parts of Happy, Happy, Happy, the first of the two books I read and much admiration for Kay. I am spiritual, but not religious but got much comfort in your unwavering belief in the Lord. Looking forward to the new season August 12, 2013. Any chances Jase and Missy or Uncle Si will write a book? Thanks for all the laughter and great entertainment from a Walton's and Little House fan.

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