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When Camilla and Jason are moving into their new home, they find her journal, filled with sexual fantasies, and naked photos of her. Finally, they share their erotic fantasies - she wants to **** in a field of flowers, and he want so take pictures? But are they alone out in the great outdoors? This story is 5000 words of passionate public M/F sex, erotic exploration and the hottest photo shoot!


“I’ve always fantasized about making love in an open field, filled with flowers. Out in the open, under nothing but the sun.” She rested her head on his firm shoulder. “I’ve always thought it would be the biggest turn on, but I’ve never gotten a chance to do it.” She continued to turn the pages as she spoke, and a pile of photographs slid out of the book and landed in her lap. The one on top was face up – it was a picture of Camilla sitting on the edge of the bottom bunk of a doom room bed, her perky, petite breasts completely uncovered, a broad smile on her face.

“Oh my God,” Jason whispered as he picked the photos up. He flipped to the next one, and saw Camilla unbuttoning her jeans, a brief peek of short, dark curls showing that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. 

“Oh God, I can’t believe I still have those.” Her tone was a mix of embarrassment and awe. He flipped to the next one. Her jeans were down around her knees now, but she hid her **** behind her hand. “My first boyfriend in college talked me into taking them. I stole them from him when we broke up, but I thought I destroyed them. Babe, don’t look!” she said, but she didn’t move to stop him.

“Why not?” Jason replied breathlessly, unable to tear his eyes away from the pictures. “This is seriously the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” In the next one she had spread her legs wide open, but she leaned forward with both her hands between her legs, covering her sex. Her arms pressed her breasts together and out, giving her a wonderful amount of cleavage.

“Because they’re naked photos of your wife, taken by another man!” Jason finally looked up at her.

“Who did you marry: me, or him?” He smiled reassuringly.

“You,” she replied instantly, and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him as she pulled them both down onto the bed. They made out frantically for a long moment, tongues and hands exploring one another. A year in her parent’s guest bedroom had meant a year of infrequent, less than satisfying sex.

They broke off, and turned to look at the photos once more. “I look pretty damn good in those,” Camilla had to admit.

“I’ve always wanted to take pictures like these of you.”

“Why didn’t you? I would have let you.”

“Really?” His eyes widened, and she laughed.

“Definitely! I’d do anything for you.”

“I would have taken tons, but your mother never learned how to knock,” Jason smirked ruefully. “I’d do the same for you, you know. The field with the flowers? I think I know the perfect place.”

“You would do that for me?” Camilla’s heart beat faster. They hadn’t had many chances to share their fantasies in the past, and now that they did, he offered to fulfill hers right off the bat. God, I am the luckiest girl.

“I will do that for you,” he said, kissing her passionately. Her hand reached down, grasping his solid erection straining against the sweatpants he wore while unpacking. He definitely liked those photos. I’m glad I didn’t trash them, now. 

Fiction & Literature
November 22
Justine Snowe
Draft2Digital, LLC

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