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The Ponkti have sent mercenaries and agents through the Farpool and wound up in mid-20th century Earth… in the middle of a great war…in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. They witness a U-boat attack on a convoy off America’s East Coast. This intrigues them. Ponkti are always intrigued by conflict and combat…they are an aggressive kel and they believe the combatants have technology that will help them dominate their home world of Seome. Not only that, they are looking for any advantage they can gain on this new world, because their world is doomed…their own sun is dying.
A great emigration must begin soon and the water clans of Seome are jockeying for position and advantage to secure the most favorable places and times. Chase Meyer, now a long-term hybrid resident on Seome misses his girlfriend Angie Gilliam, back on Earth, and uses an official mission from the clan he has joined to find her and coax her to come to Seome. He soon learns that the entire emigration effort—to send thousands of Seomish through the gateway to the oceans of Earth—is imperiled because the Ponkti have made alliance with the Nazis in a different time stream…World War II. The Ponkti have brought German U-boat technology back to Seome and threaten to disrupt the Farpool and the emigration effort for everybody, in their efforts to dominate their doomed world.
Only Chase and Angie, and their unlikely accomplice, German Kriegsmarine officer Werner von Kleist, can stop this alliance from preventing the emigration. If they don’t succeed, all of Seomish civilization will be obliterated when their sun goes supernova. And if they do succeed, thousands of Seomish will soon appear in the oceans of Earth, refugees from their lost world. For Chase and Angie, two teenagers separated by six thousand light years and different ideas on how to make a life together, the decisions they make will affect the survival of two worlds and the fate of millions of people.
It will be the hardest decision they’ve ever made.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 22
Philip Bosshardt
Smashwords, Inc.

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