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The funniest duo since Bob and Doug McKenzie
The hockey world has exploded with On the Bench—the one-stop shop for all the hockey fundamentals (the fundies).
As elite, old-school players, Olly and Jacob embody how the game should be played. How good are they? Their early YouTube videos were so successful that top NHL pros were calling them to learn the fundies: Connor McDavid, Drew Doughty, Dylan Larkin, and dozens more have all received tips and tricks to improve their game. And some of those guys aren’t half bad.
With their deep understanding of what makes hockey the best game in the world, and their own special hockey-talk, there is no other book like The Fundies. This guide to dominating the sport covers everything: history, skills development, training and choosing equipment, coaching, and all the ways to get respect on and off the ice.
Have you ever watched the game at home and yelled at the TV because the refs missed an obvious slash? Well, so have Olly and Jacob, except they actually know what they’re talking about. With The Fundies, so can you. No one wants to read a lot of words, so they’ve added photos to help grease you through the harder stuff, like taking a perfect shot. And if you still don’t believe them, there are quotes from across the NHL about how “helpful” Olly and Jacob are.  
From blocking biscuits and tickling twine, to the perfect post-goal celly to impress the scouties, The Fundies has got you covered in style.

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October 22
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