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Before I cut loose on this story for some readers that may never heard of one of the most evil men in America his name is H.H. Holmes who is the first documented serial killer in the United States. During the 1893 Columbia Exposition he lured his victims into his “Murder Castle” that was built to his expectations with gas jets piped into some rooms to gas his victims and also trapdoors and chutes that he could move the bodies down to the basement so he could burn his victims and sell their skeletal remains for money. It is said that he killed over two hundred women or maybe more. H.H. Holmes was sentenced by hanging on May 7, 1896 and buried at the Holy Cross cemetery in Delaware County Pennsylvania.

The story begins here now that we have some background on H.H. Holmes. Fast forward to 1976 when Jason Keller decided to write his first novel on serial killer H.H. Holmes, but just writing about him wasn't enough for him so he decided to pay a visit to the murder castle to get his creative juices flowing. When Jason arrived at the very spot where murder castle once stood he was disappointed to find out it had burned down long ago and was now a post office. Instead of getting back in his car and driving off he decided to go inside the post office and ask the post master if there was any existing part of murder castle still part of the foundation and if H.H. Holmes could still be haunting this place. Jason interviewed some of the employees at the post office to see if they ever had a ghostly encounter with H.H. Holmes ghost but after interviewing many of them he wasn't getting the information he so desperately needed to start on his novel so he left and headed to the library to read some books on the occult to see if he could somehow bring H.H. Holmes ghost to life and communicate with him so he could be the first author in history to write his novel with the help of a ghost from the past.

Fiction & Literature
July 4
Drac Von Stoller
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