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In the ruins of civilization, a young girl's kindness and capacity for love will either save humanity -- or wipe it out in this USA Today bestselling thriller Joss Whedon calls "heartfelt, remorseless, and painfully human."
Melanie is a very special girl. Dr Caldwell calls her "our little genius."
Every morning, Melanie waits in her cell to be collected for class. When they come for her, Sergeant keeps his gun pointed at her while two of his people strap her into the wheelchair. She thinks they don't like her. She jokes that she won't bite, but they don't laugh.
The Girl With All the Gifts is a genre-defying, emotionally charged thriller that will shatter your expectations of the classic zombie novel.

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
June 10
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Customer Reviews

Rad Geezer ,

One if the best books I've read!

One if the best books I've read!

Valeannieo ,


Never read anything in this genre before. Went in with no expectations... or actually...honestly thinking I would be reading something a bit ridiculous. Loved the writing. I can't remember last just enjoying the descriptive language of a book. The plot was infectious. Even plausible, almost. I was hooked in love with the little girl right from the start. All characters well built. Left wanting to interact more with the story. The audiobook was marvellously recorded. Really well acted changing tone for characters. I usually reserve audiobooks for my commute but I was so intrigued I kept on listening. Highly recommend.

Europhyre ,

Loved it! Similar to The Walking Dead.

The future dystopian society in which the story takes place is really well created and portrayed. I really connected with the characters and was kept in suspense throughout the story. I regularly watch The Walking Dead and I felt the theme and style were similar.

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