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Taylor was a blonde goddess with the voice of an angel. Nicky was a smart assed lesbian tough girl drummer. Spirit was a pothead keyboardist. And Sierra, with her blue hair, her attitude, and her electric guitar, was their rebel. The band was making great progress, despite an uneasy relationship between them, until a world tour goes wrong in a gulf coast state and they find themselves looking at years in prison for breaking strict drug laws. When a degenerate oil sheik offers to intercede for them - as long as they do his bidding, they have little choice but to go along. None of the girls were strangers to sex, after all, and it was better than prison. But their weeks long stay at his fabulous palace was an exercise in the dark eroticism of bondage and submission. For they are to spend the time their as temporary sex slaves, nude and shackled, disciplined for the slightest transgression. Their inhibitions are torn away as the girls endure one shock after another, from public nudity to public sex, from multiple partners to whippings and canings. The sheik had promised they wouldn't be harmed, but he never promised they wouldn't be hurt, and twisting the minds of arrogant young western women pleased him mightily. Using their own lithe young bodies against them, turning them against each other, he intends that by the time they leave they'll be submissive sex toys to any man who wants them. And the only band they'll want any part of is the one they'll wear around their throats.

Fiction & Literature
August 14
JJ Argus
Smashwords, Inc.

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