The Golden Spider

A Steampunk Romance

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Publisher Description

In a world of steam and gears, of mystery and murder… only a clockwork spider can weave a web strong enough to catch a killer.

Lady Amanda blackmailed her way into a prestigious London medical school...

Not the preferred method of entrance, of course, and quite the scandal – but necessary, for it’s the only way to force Lord Thornton, a professor at the school, to help her perfect her invention: a clockwork spider capable of spinning artificial nerves.

And Thornton is interested… but is he interested in Amanda, or simply the invention that could cure his own debilitating injury? Neither one can trust the other, but both know this: any attraction is a danger, any romance forbidden.

But when a foreign spy steals top-secret technology – and the spider – from Thornton’s laboratory, using it to perform grisly experiments on human subjects, Amanda and her professor must put aside both their differences and their growing attraction to capture the killer terrorizing the streets of old London.

Now, Amanda and Thornton are on the hunt… or being hunted themselves. Traveling from gypsy camps to dirigible factories, to the kraken-infested Thames – they will go wherever they must, and do whatever they can. To find the spy. To stop the killer. To fight the forbidden romance between them…

… and, above all, to solve the mysteries hidden in The Golden Spider.

The first book of USA Today bestselling author Anne Renwick’s Elemental Steampunk World series, The Golden Spider invites you to an alternate past: where mayhem and murder endanger the foggy streets of Victorian London, where secrets and spies hide in a world of gaslamp fantasy, and where matters of the heart are as mysterious – or simple – as clockwork. Tap the link and get your copy now!

ELEMENTAL STEAMPUNK CHRONICLES: The Golden Spider, The Silver Skull, The Iron Fin, Venomous Secrets

ELEMENTAL STEAMPUNK TALES: A Trace of Copper, In Pursuit of Dragons, A Reflection of Shadows, A Snowflake at Midnight, A Ghost in Amber

ELEMENTAL STEAMPUNK STORIES: The Tin Rose, Kraken and Canals, Rust and Steam

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 8
Anne Renwick
Anne Renwick

Customer Reviews

JJTHoltz ,

Unique Action and Adventure

This story, and truly this whole series, is unlike any other books out there. Mystery and romance, steampunk and a smidge of paranormal, this books takes all the genres and creates a one-of-a-kind potion. This book had me gripped from the first chapter and held me captive and I loved it! Dr. Renwick blends science/mystery/romance into brew and I can’t wait my next read in this series!

Kristen Lewendon ,

Blend fantastical impossibilities with genuine, factual science

I have read every other book in this world, but somehow, I had never managed to make it back to this one. Now I have and I can’t understand what took me so long. I adore this world and the author’s ability to blend fantastical impossibilities with genuine, factual science to the point where you really can’t tell where one ends and the other begins. I loved Amanda and how nearly everything she does is against the grain of society and most of the standards of the genre. I liked Lord Thornton well enough, but I didn’t get a good grasp on all of his motivations, especially in regards to their relationship. I can’t say I was terribly surprised by the revelation of the villain. Though, I don’t know if that’s from a tiny vestigial memory from the books after this or if I’m really just that suspicious. Now that I’m finally fully caught up on the series, I can’t wait for the author to bring us more

seamesright ,

Amazing first book in series

I love good steampunk books and good steampunk writers and this fits both of those requirements. The characters, the story, the atmosphere she creates, all of it is amazing. Can you tell that I love this book and this author? I hope you can and if you like steampunk with romance then I highly recommend this author.
Side note: One of the reviews that I have read gives low stars and complained about the “sex” as in there was too much and too explicit. Sorry that only makes me want to read a book more. Maybe they should come with heat warnings like hot sauce?

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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