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Travis has a chance to redeem himself after struggling with years of mental illness that led to him having a negative attitude toward autism. Thinking he could never get a girlfriend having autism he wanted to cure his autism. After help from a friend with a Sonrise program to challenge his beliefs and change his way of thinking Travis no longer wants a cure and embraces his autism with grace.

Follow Travis' story of redemption. This story takes you through the roller coaster ride of anxiety and depression and is a great autism parent book for those wanting to gain better understanding of the ever-changing emotions their autistic child faces. There are many ups and downs with autism but staying the course is what has made Travis the person he is today.

Read along to find out how Travis used mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy, and meditation to change his thinking and learn to love his autism. Travis wants thought he had to pay a fee in order to get women to like him and now he realizes how much of an impact that false belief had on his life. That false belief lead to many negative behaviors that would put him in some sticky situations that were difficult to get out of.

Travis shares how he went from near suicide to loving himself and his autism in a few short months with help of a friend and a Sonrise approach that focuses on connecting with the person who has autism in their world instead of making them come into your world. Travis says if you connect with autistic people in their world it is easier to encourage them to connect in your world. This is a great autism parent book for learning how to encourage development of the self-esteem in the autistic child and autistic adult.

January 7
Breeding Publishing
Smashwords, Inc.

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