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The Great Gatsby

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F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby is often considered amongst the greatest of American novels and—alongside works by authors such as Hemingway and T.S. Eliot—is an essential representation of the Lost Generation. Inspired by events in Fitzgerald's own life, the story follows Jay Gatsby and his pursuit of the American Dream during the "roaring '20s". The novel became critically and financially successful following its publication, so much so that it was made into a film of the same name in 1974. Exploring its own generation's lack of direction, The Great Gatsby's social commentary remains relevant to this day and its literary prowess remains refreshing.

Fiction & Literature
November 24
Numitor Comun Publishing
Petre Banu

Customer Reviews

barbara mann ,

theGreat Gatsby

Quite a difference in the reviews, perhaps it is the age of the reader or a teacher who has pointed out the best examples or not and the student wqas elsewhere. The book presents itself as an eloquent capsule of an era and it can present a vionary delight if imagined in one's thoughts.
Barb Mann

Ellendanica ,

The Great Gatsby

I have read this tiny, perfect jewel of a book at least five times in my life, so that now I recognize phrases and passages like famous quotations from Shakespeare plays. Every time I gain new understanding and above all, renewed awe at the use of language, mastery of plot and plot development, characterization, and exquisite sense of place and time. This is my all-time favorite novel and has my vote as best American novel of any era. If only more authors had Fitzgerald's economy of expression. He makes one wonder why publishers allow novel authors to exceed 200 pages. Jay Gatsby is an American tragic figure who is at the same time universal in his Romantic obsession with a dream, and very particular to a place and time. A few months before this most recent reading, I visited Chicago for the first time and got a sense of the Midwest that, as a prairie-born Canadian, I had not previously grasped. One of the strongest impressions came from touring houses in a formerly wealthy neighborhood that was inhabited a century ago or more by the kind of solid mercantile wealthy class that Daisy came from and Gatsby, so hopelessly, did not It actually made me think of Gatsby even though Chicago didn't figure directly in Gatsby's life. I can't recommend this novel too highly as a study in literary excellence, an essential in American literature and just a great story, which is what novels are supposed to be, after all.

Black2Sugar ,

Great Gatsby is awful

i was forced to read this for english class.
one of the most boring books ive ever read. fell asleep multiple times.
this ibook format is quite good, a few typos here and there but they dont make much of a difference.

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