The Harry Russo Diaries Box Set v.1-3

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Together for the first time. Start at the beginning!

Harry Russo is more than just an ordinary twenty-something. She's a witch with an extraordinary gift – a gift that gets her into all sorts of trouble. Join Harry and her friends in their first three adventures. Three great books, one great price.

This collection contains the first three books in the Harry Russo Diaries, including:

Dead and Kicking

What’s a girl to do when her date is D.O.A?

Angharad ‘Harry’ Russo is just your ordinary twenty-something, with one exception - she’s a witch with an out of the ordinary gift.  When her blind date goes sideways and she ends up face to face with a dead body, her life starts to go sideways too. 

Harry soon finds herself right in the middle of the mayhem, dealing with Cian Nash, a homicide detective that is as aggravating as he is sexy; the biggest, baddest vampire in town; and a parcel of pesky zombies that keep popping up everywhere.  It’s all connected to her date’s unfortunate demise, or is there more to it than meets the eye?

Tooth and Claw

Q:  When is a witch, not a witch? 

A:  When she’s a necromancer. 

Angharad ‘Harry’ Russo has had to adjust to some major changes in her life.  Her computer is haunted, she accidentally acquired a vampire servant and she’s attracted to the most aggravating alpha male on the planet.  Her friend betrayed her, a lunatic tried to sacrifice her to raise a god and she accidentally ‘outed’ herself to the Magister, the most powerful vampire in town.  What else could go wrong?  Oh yeah, she’s just discovered that her father is a vampire and her dhamphiric powers are emerging prematurely.  Poor Harry doesn’t know what weird ability could pop up next.

When werewolves start to go missing, and two young men die suspiciously, not to mention horrifically, Harry believes it’s all connected.  It could be just a hunch, or it could be the big, grey wolf that stepped out of her dreams to haunt her waking moments; either way, Harry knows that she needs to help solve the mystery.  Now if she could just convince the sexy police detective, Cian Nash, to take her seriously.


When life gives you brownies, make coffee.

Angharad ‘Harry’ Russo has had a busy week.  She’s fended off a swarm of pixies, battled blood-thirsty redcaps and put an end to a maniacal Fae prince hell-bent on eradicating the entire werewolf population.  She’s also decided to open a coffee shop.  Is it too much to ask for things to settle down so her life can go back to normal?

Apparently, it is.  As if being metaphysically bound to Cian Nash, the most aggravating yet desirable man she’s ever met, isn’t enough, Harry’s just found out that the Magister, the biggest, baddest vampire around, is her father.  Talk about your daddy issues!

Harry just wants to concentrate on getting the coffee shop open, but between the freaky ghosts that keep haunting her and rogue vampires terrorizing the city, it looks like normal is a thing of the past.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 1
Lisa Emme
Draft2Digital, LLC

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