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Delbert Gray was an amateur photographer with a hunger for fame. The camera Delbert used was a cheap Kodak instamatic. You can see why Delbert dreamed of owning a Nikon like his rich friend Michael. Michael would let his friend Delbert develop his pictures in his dark room while he was developing his own. Delbert really envied Michael's photographs and would often close his eyes and day dream about being a famous photographer some day.
As Delbert was walking around the town square he came across an Antique shop that had an old bellows camera in the display window. Delbert said to himself, "If I could just have that camera I bet it would take better pictures than Michael's." Delbert slumped over with tears again flowing down his cheeks knowing in reality there was no way he could afford such a beautiful camera. Just as Delbert was walking past the Antique shop, an old man opened the door and came up to Delbert and said, "I noticed you were looking at that old camera in the window as if it belonged to you."
Delbert answered, "Yes, Sir, I was only wishing. I knew in my heart I could not afford such a beautiful camera. Besides, I don't even have a job or any money to give you and my father told me the only way I could buy a new camera was to get a job next year. By that time your camera would be gone and I would be heartbroken once more. Well I better be on my way, because if I don't get home soon my dad is going to whoop me."
"Not so fast!” the old man said in a tender voice. I've never had anyone come by my shop and want any of my antiques like you have. I tell you what if you really want the camera it’s yours to keep. Don't worry about the money your money is no good to me. There's only one condition. Bring me a copy of the photos you take. I have a scrap book that I would like to place them in. That's all I ask of you. What do you say?"
Delbert should have known something was up when the old man that sells antiques for a living doesn't give his antiques away for free. Why all of a sudden should the old man give him a rare valuable camera only one in existence to a young boy. There is something very wrong with this picture. You'll want to read on and on to find out.

Fiction & Literature
May 20
Drac Von Stoller
Smashwords, Inc.

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Pineapples 🍍🍍🍍 ,

The Haunted Camera

I enjoyed this book, but there was numerous punctuation mistakes that a 12 year old with ok grades would catch. Also, the book would be better if it was longer and more suspenseful.

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