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Israeli Military Intelligence agents Eytan Eckstein and Benni Baum set out with their team to eliminate master terrorist Amar Kamil in Germany. But tragically, Eckstein kills the wrong man, is badly wounded himself and put out to pasture. Then, in a brutal hunt across the globe, Kamil turns the tables, eliminating the team one-by-one as he heads for Jerusalem in a plot to assassinate the Israeli Prime Minister. Eckstein is summoned back in from the cold, because only he can stop Kamil.

Steven Hartov was born in the United States and educated at Boston University. After serving in the U.S. Military Sealift Command, he emigrated to Israel and served in the Israel Defense Forces parachute corps and Military Intelligence special operations. He is the author of the espionage trilogy, “The Heat of Ramadan,” “The Nylon Hand of God,” and “The Devil’s Shepherd,” and co-author of the New York Times best seller “In the Company of Heroes” and “The Night Stalkers.” For six years, Hartov helmed “Special Operations Report”as Editor-in-Chief. He currently serves as a Task Force commander in the New York Guard and is writing a new novel.

“Hartov makes a smashing debut with this well-crafted, provocative political thriller, written with an insider’s accuracy.”
- Publishers Weekly

“Steven Hartov knows and understands the world of international counter-terrorism, and he has used that knowledge to create a gripping, richly detailed, and impressive first novel. This is no techo-thriller concocted by some armchair generalissimo. This is the real stuff.”

- Jonathan Kellerman, Author

“This skillfully plotted and richly textured narrative captures the human dimension as well as the technology and politics of covert operations.”

- Library Journal

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March 4
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