The History of Hip Hop

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The only Hip Hop Book Series that explains the culture fully in the fewest words!

*** Author of "Rapper's Delight" essay currently archived at the Library of Congress ***
*** Guest speaker of BBC2 Radio "Rapper's Delight 40th Anniversary" by DJ Trevor Nelson - September 2019 ***

Whether you are a fan of hip hop or you are just curious about it, you will not have to look further after finding Eric Reese's The History of Hip Hop. This concise but in-depth book explores all the distinguishing traits of what is not only a genre of music but a lifestyle. Reese traces the history of hip hop from its beginnings in the 1970s and reveals how it changed in the next decades until it became a worldwide phenomenon. The author gives attention to the influence of hip hop at every level, including art and fashion. He also makes valuable considerations about its originality in comparison with other genres.

From the pages of The History of Hip Hop, you will realize the impact hip hop has on our society. Reese explains every aspect of its powerful influence and considers it not only as a musical genre but as a way of living. I like that after exploring the origins of hip hop and its meaning for African Americans, Reese included references to its worldwide presence. It shows its importance better than anything else. Reese's style is essential and clear. He does not linger on long and superfluous dissertations, but he goes straight to the point and enlightens the key concepts with clarity. At the end of The History of Hip Hop, you can be sure you will have all the elements to understand hip hop. You will also know what sets it apart from other musical genres. In short, you will have a clear picture in your mind, and you will be able to understand hip hop better. - Reviewed By Astrid Iustulin for Readers' Favorite

Hip Hop Truth for the Art and Pulse of America!

Hip Hop from 2011-2020, so what happened now that it's been a decade in?

Only one hip hop history book tells you how Hip Hop & Trap combined to take over for years to come!

What you'll uncover in my latest rap music history series which you won't find elsewhere:
The Old School is still aliveLeaders of the New & Old School cashing in and outFashion Trends in 2011 - 2020New Legends of Hip HopTrap Music is Here to Stay and WhyGreatest moments, albums, songs & mixtapes of this eraPolitics and Hip-Hop (Obama & Trump Eras)The Mixtape Era has officially taken over
And much more...

As this music legacy continues to expand its sway, know for sure it's here to stay.

History of Hip Hop Volume Five gives you a direct-straight to the point history of the indisputable legendary force of rap and trap artists here to stay. Hip Hop lives on!

Get this series now! It's for all ages and walks of life.

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February 21
Eric Reese
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